Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Dreamer Asks: What does it mean when u dream about someone in your past that has passed away?

What does it mean when u dream about someone in your past that has passed away? i mean it felt real... it's been years but how come he popped in on my dream?

My answer:

It just means that they are visiting you. They visit to remind us of some things and also to show us that they are still with us in spirit. Depending on any dialogue that was going on between you, how you felt in the dream and what the message was. Those are some of the things I would examine and look at. It's different for everybody, often these spirits help us to see a different perspective for our lives and also most often they give us clues in our dreams and sometimes they show us on an intuitive level things that may come up in our lives in the near future. I would keep a record of them in journal and watch how the events in your daily life unfold. I often also still get dreams of my cousin who passed away almost two years ago, showing me events that will happen in a few months or situations between my family members that are just really personal and private, that I see in my dreams. It's also easier to meet up with spirits in our dreams, unbeknownst to us we meet up with these spirits on the astral plane. As human beings on this earth, we feel on a deeper level that there is a world beyond our understanding and comprehension. A world we can't easily see, we have a hard time believing this is real because it is not something that is tangible.

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